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'Sphere' is a specially designed Refill made to generate many important things in the creation of several genres of music. From game and film score to ambient/cinematic and many denominations of cultural music. But it also has a lot to offer in a different way to all genres and modern music production. Sphere offers some really unique sounding Textures/Pads/Strings/SFX and more, as well as its almost essential REX library and Kong kits.

Product details
When looking to create or unearth a new idea for a track, just load up one of the many captivating sounds in the Sphere ReFill and let your mind wander. With each patch and combinator coming with a world of sound altering controls to help you sculpt out a truly unique sound. The power behind sphere comes from its 2224 specially crafted samples.


  • 151 Unique Combinators
  • 136 NNXT Patches
  • 91 Dr Rex Loops
  • 2224 unique Samples
  • Specially built Strings library
  • Sphere Kong drum kits
  • 2 Demo tracks
  • Combispheres for quick Ambience generation
  • Transforming Soundscapes
  • 2.74 GB in size (After ReFill packing, 4.3 GB Before)
  • Sphere is the secret weapon in your Reason toolkit that will give your music the edge.