Chambre - A Reason For Strings

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Arguably the most intense, emotion drawing section in the orchestra, Strings can really make any song or piece of music special. Used in the right way, they can make a ballad a timeless number one, or a game or film score epic to the player or viewer. They can call upon those hairs on the back of the neck in the most human of ways, and draw us into their beauty. Chambre is the answer to achieving this in Reason.   

  • 210 Combinators
  • 435 Dr Rex Loops 
  • 62 DrOcto Rex patches 
  • 167 NNXT Patches 
  • 38 Acoustic Instruments 
  • 80 Mixed Instruments 
  • 42 Mutant Instruments 
  • One Finger Instant Chord players 
  • Instant Arp Players 
  • Stereo and Mono options 
  • 8.4 GB of unique 24 bit samples 
  • Over 3200 Samples 
  • 4 Genre Differing Demo Tracks
  • Delivered in Refill Format 4.8GB

Chambre - A Reason For Strings. 

The string section is the largest body of the standard orchestra and consists of bowed string instruments of the violin family. It normally comprises five sections: the first violins, the second violins, the violas, the cellos, and the double basses (or basses). The First and Second violins are not named and sectioned this way because one is better than the other, but rather as to create musical conversations between the two sections, Like a rap battle but for groups of violinists. They will both play differing pieces to create that conversation between strings. Chambre gives you all these tools to make this happen. Each instrument comes in a variety of versions to mix it up.

The Difference
What makes Chambre different to any other string section refill is that it does not just focus on the strings as we know them. On top of the multiple original acoustic instruments that were used to create this refill, we took the added step of creating mutant or hybrid strings as a spin off the original sounds. When you enter the refill you can choose between fully original acoustic stringed instruments, or mixed instruments where we took the best of the real instruments and blended them with the most hypnotic of synthetic string style sounds. The result is pads like no other. We also added the mutant strings on their own to give the reason producer the ultimate choice in creativity. No matter what style of music you produce, Strings can have a home in any genre. Simple or detailed, every producer tries at some stage to add strings to their music. With Chambre we have created one finger chord players which can help you design a chord structure for your hit track in minutes. We have added a function to the mod wheel to jump between the minor and major scale so everything is covered and you can play brilliant strings with the use of 2 fingers! If you want to add some already timed strings to the back of your track just jump into the Dr Rex section and select a style and the chords you need! The DrOcto Rex Patches are pre programmed to run the entire scale so this can make production tasks much quicker and easy, while maintaining an epic sound. We have also added the other most beautiful of stringed instruments, The harp. Multi sampled and beautiful no matter what way you choose to play it. Any string section would not be complete without it.

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