Apex KompoZRe

€ 29.95

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For Propellerhead Reason 5 6 7 8


Apex KompoZRe is a refill like no other. Based on our one off piano build that harnesses the power of steam and steel rather than the traditional piano.
But the sounds that come from this hybrid are not sounding like a piano! They are some of the strangest tones and sounds you are ever likely to hear, especially in your rack. Apex KompozRe also comes with a free copy of "The IvoRe" which is our own hyper sampled piano which is used in the refill "Apex KompoZRe" So essentially you are getting 2 refills in one. The IvoRe piano is so deatailed it uses nearly 4GB of 24 Bit samples. Apex KompoZRe brings an extremely unique sound to your reason production.